The Business of Trees

As those of you who have followed us for a while may know, the name Serenwood comes from the Welsh word seren meaning ‘star’, and the word ‘wood’ being used to represent a community of trees – whether they be seedling, sapling or a mighty oak. Our vision is to help businesses be […]


Your Journey to Commercial Excellence

I have been discussing with a client this week how best to revitalise and restructure its commercial/ procurement/legal function We started with the “Why?”. – Why is this important and why have you decided to do it ‘now’? – Why do you think you are experiencing problems within the current team and structure? […]

Protecting the roots & branches of your business

Here at Serenwood we’re on a mission to use our legal skills to deliver jargon free commercial advice – to positively impact small business growth. The question we get asked most often is “So, are you a law firm?” To which we reply “No we are not. We’re a business […]


Who fancies a fascinating chat about Compliance?

Unfortunately, in our line of work, we have to educate and help our clients with the more boring and mundane side of business. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it, otherwise you lot are going to end up in a whole heap of trouble. Compliance is just one […]

The Sexy Lawyer

OK so I thought we’d start 2017 with some confessions. Here at Serenwood we’re all about the honest approach. Having difficult conversations, negotiating sticky issues and asking curious questions to get to the nub of the issue. So in the spirit of that, we’re also going to share our own […]

Advent Campaign: The First Seven Days

Have missed our Advent Campaign over Social Media this week? Here is a quick catchup up! We’ have been sharing a Top Tip each day over Social Media since the beginning of December, if you have missed our Advent Campaign here is a quick catchup: Advent is about planning, preparing, expectation. Taken […]


Intellectual Property – common mistakes to avoid

This blog post provides a few tips on how to avoid some of the common mistakes made by businesses in relation to Intellectual Property (IP). IP is an extremely exciting area which has increasing importance within today’s digital age. It is also notoriously complex and highly regulated. It’s all too easy to make […]

7 Great Reasons to sort out your Standard Terms of Business

Hello everyone – You’ve asked us to provide simple, factual information about legal issues which could affect your business and what to do about them. It’s coming to the end of the year so let’s be thinking about how to  clean and freshen up all things commercial in your business ready […]


  Here at Serenwood we’re proud to be making mistakes every day. We believe that mistakes are essential to business success. Failure is how we get to success. (Although making the same mistakes twice (or more) is what will lead you to failure.) So be proud of your mistakes. Learn […]

Is your website compliant with the law?

We posted last week about how to ensure you’re compliant when trading online. [Click here]. We had quite a lot of questions after our post, so we’re going to add a few additional posts with extra info. Here we will summarise what UK legislation requires website operators to have on their website […]