Serenwood Values

We are a happy team of commercial lawyers and together we are Serenwood. (If you’re intrigued to know why we are called Serenwood then you can find out here.)

Each of the Serenwood team worked for years and earned our stripes in “Big Law”, but we felt deep-down that there was a better way of delivering law to clients. We came together because we were disillusioned by the traditional nature of the legal profession and we each craved a better and more rewarding way of delivering hands-on legal advice right to the heart of our business clients.

Our Serenwood mission is to dispel the myths around boring, grey-haired lawyer in pin-striped suits. We bring you law in colour, in a language you can understand and at a price you can afford.

We aim to provide a disruptive legal service which is “more than the law”, by getting closer to your strategic needs and the commercial vision for your business.

We are not a law firm, we are a business consultancy and this means that we can offer you a huge amount of flexibility in terms of type of service and advice that we provide. Within our network we have affiliate partnerships with accountants, insurance brokers, procurement experts, corporate financiers, property gurus, technology partners, marketing gurus and delivery agents of all kinds who share one thing in common. An entrepreneurial mindset and the important values of honesty and integrity. We use these partnerships to connect you with a range of opportunities and skills which will give your business the ‘umph’ it needs.
Importantly, we specialise in long-term relationships because we love to get up close and dirty to truly understand your business and by doing so we get to put our legal skills to best effect by growing, strengthening and protecting your commercial value.