Start Ups

We like to call you our “seedlings”




You’re such a great client to work with, because of your energy, enthusiasm and commitment.
You’ve started your business in the last few years and you’re still finding your feet.

It may still be early days for your business, but we know you’ve got the ideas, the passion and the energy to make it happen.

You’re running 100 miles an hour, and loving every minute of your new business venture.

Well, maybe not every minute.
Because there’s another not-so-exciting side to being a business owner isn’t there?

Our seedling clients tell us ALL THE TIME that the legal and financial sides of your business are the bits which bother you most.

You find the commercial and contracts side time consuming, mysterious and complicated.
You tell us that you’re tempted to stick your head in the sand and ignore the boring legal stuff (hope it goes away).
You want to be running a safe, legitimate, commercially- savvy business…but you don’t know where to start.

Does this sound familiar?

  • you lose sleep worrying about cash flow and find yourself wasting time chasing up bad debts
  • you’ve no idea whether to sign the contract which has been put in front of you (you don’t even understand most of it!)
  • you spend time worrying about how to stop someone stealing your ideas and your products.
  • you kind of know you need to be thinking about trademarks, copyright, protecting your brand…but don’t know how to go about it.
  • you feel out of your depth having conversations with suppliers and customers about terms of trading and end up feeling screwed over in negotiations

Talk to Serenwood. We can help with all the boring legal sides of running your business.

After all, the number one reason for failure of small businesses is not having a solid, strategic commercial business plan. Business owners get caught up in the excitement and the sexy parts of their business and forget to cement their foundations.

From tiny acorns strong oaks grow. [But only if the roots go down firmly, right?]

So let’s get your rooted. We’ll help you nail your contracts, get your trading relations onto a secure foundation, firm up your cash flow and put in place a proper commercial strategy. From there – sky’s the limit.

Check out our 12-week ROOT TO GROW online programme for small businesses here …. it includes getting your trading contracts drafted by us, bespoke to your business need plus training and education on essential aspects of commercial law. AND access to us for 12 weeks within the group programme so you can get questions and issues cleared up.