Procurement, Bids and Tenders

briefcase_iconAh, the dreaded world of regulated procurement The time-consuming world of bids and tenders.

Within Team Serenwood we have a number of people who have vast amounts of experience in regulated procurement. We’ve worked on both sides of the fence – both for public sector bodies running the procurement, and for private sector clients bidding to win the work.

We understand the process, we know how to compile a winning bid, and we’ve spent months – nay years – of our lives to date negotiating contracts as part of large scale IT procurements. So you’ll want to have our expertise on your team next time you’re bidding or running a procurement process. We’ll cut through the jargon, simplify the processes and make sure you are complying with the detailed rules.

procurementbids_resizedWe also partner with a fabulous bid-writing business, who can take the pain out of completing and submitting the detail of the bid itself. Giving you the very best chance of success.  And the least amount of wasted investment.

Whilst we’re on the topic of investment, our procurement skills also include supply chain analysis, renegotiating contracts to realise cost savings, and helping you to review and cut back the cost of your non-core procurement costs.

We told you we’re a clever bunch. Time for you to procure us!