Service for Borrowers

Serenwood are here to help you thrive and grow. That may mean you are looking for financial support to help you realise further success

Here at Serenwood, we strongly believe that accessing finance need not be intimidating or stressful. Ou r expertise means we can help you prepare. Having worked with and for several lenders we understand them. We know and can anticipate their requirements which means you will be ahead of the game.

We can also advise you as you negotiate the terms of your facilities.

We will be pragmatic and sensible to make the process an easy one. Our no jargon approach, also means that when you enter into your finance agreements, you will do so confident that you are fully appraised of all the practical implications for your business, with
a full understanding of all that you need to do
and when. It’s essential to your success that you maintain a healthy and open working relationship with your lender. We will lay the foundations to help you do this.

Then as you continue to grow, our experience and the skills of our wider team means that we understand the c
hallenges you face and we can help you get ready for impact. We really are with you every step of the way.

Specifically, our finance experts can:

  • Help you get lender ready
  • Advise you on and negotiate the terms of your facilities and any security package
  • Help you with covenant compliance and monitoring
  • Introduce you to other members of the Serenwood family
    who can help you with your terms of business, help you negotiate your contracts, provide you and your team with training and skills to safeguard your business, assist you with contract management and provide support for big projects as and when you need it.


Services for lenders

With years of experience in big national and City law firms, our team of experts have acted for a wide range of lenders and financial institutions.

So, whether you are a lender looking for a pragmatic approach on a particular financing or a lender looking for advice on your standard terms and security package, you are in the right place.

Specifically, our finance experts can:

  • Draft and negotiate the terms of loan agreements and your security packages whether it be for general purposes, acquisition finance, property finance or other asset backed lending.
  • Prepare a bespoke set of finance documents to help your lending business grow safely and then help you use those documents on a day to day basis as you advance funds to borrowers.