Established SMEs

Ah, the “sapling” clients. You’ve established your business, grown it steadily, and you’ve got a team of people delivering results for you. You’ve already experienced the ups and downs of business and you’ve dabbled in the commercial /legal stuff yourself so you know what you’re looking for by way of support.

As a savvy entrepreneur you already know that the best way to grow a business is to increase revenue, maximise profit and protect your valuable assets.

And that growth of a small business means entering the big bad world of affiliates, partnerships, referrals and distribution chains. So no doubt you’re already learning “on the job” about commercial strategy, contracts, negotiation, finance and growth. Whoa, that’s a fast ride right there.

You’re also clever enough to know that as a business owner you can’t do it all by yourself and you’re making a big effort to concentrate on the areas where you add maximum value and impact. This means trusting and bringing on board partners, affiliates, employees, suppliers, purchasing systems and processes.

At the risk of blowing our own trumpets, we can confirm that Team Serenwood is the perfect commercial partner for established SMEs going through growth.


  1. Safe hands. We’re a team of experienced commercial lawyers who now specialise in commercial strategy, contracts and hands-on support.
  2. Unique skills. Our team members have worked both inside private practice law and inside business. So  whilst we bring legal know-how to the table, our predominant skill is in making pragmatic commercial decisions, weighing up risk, and getting underneath the strategic side of your business. We provide a unique combination of legal expertise with commercial acumen and passion for our work.
  3. Fresh thinking. We’re fresh and fun and you’ll enjoy working with us. It’s massively helpful for SMEs to get fresh, objective viewpoint on the commercial side of the business. It’s where magic happens.
  4. Right-hand (wo)man. It’s the equivalent of having your own in house lawyer-Commercial Director on hand to help you out with every tricky question. We’ll sit on your shoulder and oversee negotiations, check your contracts, take over your contract management processes and get you out of disputes.
  5. Educate. We can also train your sales and operations team to be commercial savvy and make sure they are leading on the best commercial deals for you. We love to share our expertise and your staff will benefit from increased confidence and proactivity around commercial direction.

So there you go. We provide the perfect solution for established SMEs to have commercial solutions at your fingertips but without the cost of recruiting a full time Commercial/Legal team. For a set number of hours a month you can dip in and out of our service, getting help when you need it and having us on call when you don’t.

Don’t delay. Talk to Serenwood and let’s take those boring legal papers off your overflowing desk today. Think of us as your Commercial Knights-in-shining-armour, riding in to rescue you from a world of commercial pain and legal disputes.

We work with established SMEs on a fixed rate basis per month, so that you get an allocated point of contact who gets really familiar with your business need. Book a free call here to discuss how we can best support you.